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Using the Wageman’s and Donnenfeld’s Conflict Intervention Model, show how the general manager can use the four interventions to manage the conflict between Megha and Aaron can be resolved.

  1. Explain the Wageman’s and Donnenfeld’s Conflict Intervention Model

The Wageman’s and Donnenfeld’s Conflict Intervention Model is conflict management approach that outlines four types of interventions that team managers and leaders can use to enhance the quality of the process of conflict resolution. The model also offers to the guiding principles that improve the groups regarding the conflict by providing a guide for using the proposed interventions. The suggestions include:

  • Team (re)design- changing the team working structure deliberately;
  • Task process coaching- teaching the team to perform better through changes in motivation, talent, and strategy;
  • Conflict process coaching- direct team interventions to enhance friction quality such as structured debates, trust-building exercises, and advocate appointing;
  • Changing the individual- behavioral and individual training to make a particular team member thoughtful, tolerant, and capable during disagreements.
  • The use of the four interventions to resolve the conflict between Megha and Aaron.
  • Team (re)design   

The general manager can allocate different tasks to Megha and Aaron and report to him after completion. Also, the general manager give them interdepending tasks to help the two leaders learn to tolerate and understand each other. He can also provide rewards whenever the two complete a task together to encourage them always to want to cooperate.

  • Task process training

The general manager can provide training to Megha and Aaron on teamwork and communication system that can help in developing the skills of the team members.

  • Conflict process coaching

The general manager can prevent the dispute among the team members introducing interventions such as 

  • Organized debate that allows individuals to talk about their feelings;
  • Trust-building exercises such as 10-15 minutes games that help individuals to ask questions;
  • Appointing an advocate or a neutral person to mediate.
  • Changing the individual
  • Provide Aaron and Megha behavioral training, team management training, and communication training.
  • Tom should teach Aaron the importance of consulting the other leader before making any decisions to ensure equal participation of both parties.
  1. Did the general manager use norms of fairness to handle the conflict between his employees? If yes, how?

Recommended answer:

  1. Explain norms of fairness

It refers to negotiation rules that ensure both parties receive fair treatment. The standards include equity, equality, responsibility and need methods…

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