Criminal Justice

Write a paper discussing the relationship between public safety and individual rights. Present your point of view on the following areas:

Statutory authority and responsibilities of government officials, security personnel, and private citizens.

 Practices or laws relating to search, seizure, and surveillance by police, corrections, security personnel, and private citizens.

 Compare the laws relating to the use of force by police, corrections, and private security. Individual privacy rights and laws relating to policy, practice, and procedures.

One of the main challenges facing the criminal justice framework is striking a balance between the individuals’ rights and the necessity to have an inclusive public safety.  Although the US criminal justice framework must be aimed at protecting all its citizens, it must also advocate for the rights that are granted to individuals. According to Schmalleger (2012), the difference in upholding public safety and individual rights has given rise to two opposing sides; those advocating for the justice system to protect the individuals’ rights and the other opponents that advocate for the justice systems to address the interest of the public safety.  The public safety advocates have a strong belief that when the criminal activity can harm the general public, the law should consider the precedence of society safety as compared to individuals’ rights.  The criminal justice framework of the US has passed through a series of amendments and reframing to accommodate the two opposing sides (State and Local Government, 2014).  As an attempt to bring the two sides to common agreements without dissolution of each side, the US criminal justice framework has been reframed with new regulations and rules to each of the conflicting sides, to satisfy every side and work for a common aim of protecting the American citizens at the individual level and at society level. 

Statutory Authority and Role of Government at Different Levels

Representative democracy is the type of governance exercised in the US. It implies that the laws enacted are in accordance with the citizens’ will. The elected leaders are expected to represent the citizens in upholding and enforcing the regulations, laws, and rules by local, state and federal guidelines. The functioning of the government depends on the taxes paid by the citizens, and it has the responsibility of providing the citizens with services such as those meant to protect their property and lives from the criminals who interrupt peace in the society. The statutory bodies in the government, starting from the local officials to state officers, should uphold the constitution of the US government. The constitution requires the federal and states government to establish a working union and form a justice framework that ensures national and local tranquility. It can be done through the provision of common defense, promotion of society and securing the advantages of liberty to the citizens to ensure posterity in America (Schmalleger, 2012)….

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