Cradle to Grave Impact of a Product Research the full life cycle of a product. This is an individual assignment so you should choose a product that is different from those your other group members choose. If the product you choose is complex, you may choose to research a main part of it rather than the entire product. The paper should describe each stage of the life cycle in detail. After describing the full life cycle, discuss which stage you think has the biggest environmental impact. Don’t forget to consider factors like distance traveled, energy used, or emissions. Be aware of possible bias in your sources. It is okay to use sources that may be biased so long as you discuss it in your paper. Summarize your findings in a paper between 3 and 7 pages, double- spaced. Be sure to address everything in the checklist below

Asphalt is a dim brown to dark material, sturdy or semisolid, in which the dominant constituents are the petroleum-inferred bitumen. It is utilized as a weatherproof agent in roofing. Asphalt roofing shingle is a roofing material regularly utilized for structures that compose a low inclined rooftop pitch. The product depends on the same materials utilized as a part of blacktop shingles; a natural felt or fiberglass mat, immersed with asphalt, and smeared with granular stone in a certain ratio. The blacktop shingles have been in use throughout the previous 85 years. The first single was a blacktop soaked felt, covered with Asphalt and further textured with slate. The production of the roofing product passes through many phases. Further, the product is being used worldwide in the construction industry in putting up building especially residential apartments. Its widespread application has been spearheaded with its cheap pricing and easy acquisition. Nonetheless, with its usage, the product has adversely health hazards. The essay expounds on the life cycle of the product from its extraction and production to its use and disposal, further highlighting its impact on the environment. 


Asphalt is a primary input in the manufacture of the asphalt roofing shingles. It is contained as a petroleum product that requires extraction in order to acquire the desired constituents. It is undertaken through the distillation process (Khursheed). The process commences with piping the crude petroleum into a heat exchanger where its temperature is raised rapidly for the initiation of the refining process. It then enters an environmental refining tower where the lighter and more unstable segments, or divisions, are vaporized. They are then drawn off through a progression of coolers and condensers. The filtrate obtained from the procedure is further refined through vacuum distillation so as to obtain asphalt. Besides, solvent extraction can further be employed in order to acquire the require constituents of asphalt.

The asphalt quality is dependent majorly on the crude oil source and the quality the crude oil possesses. The desired crude oil is one with high flash points since the combustion and evaporation rates of such fluids are more feasible (Akbari, Levinson and Berdahl).


Prior to instigating the production process of the asphalt roofing product, the asphalt produced is oxidized. It is done in order to improve its consistency and its softening temperature. The process involves in blowing…

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