A Comparison Study of Risk Challenges in Start-up Businesses in UK and Saudi Arabia and Implementation of Risk Management

I am required to write a dissertation as a final project of my project management program. So far I chose this topic which is comparing startup businesses in two different countries (UK and Saudi Arabia) and how they are dealing with challenges (risks) in order to succeed. I have to relate the topic to the context of project management specifically risk management. I need someone who is familiar with writing up dissertations so he get the idea of my topic. I am required to provide a primary data, which I will be working on this summer. I am just worried of how to write the entire dissertation and make it a one clear and nice piece. 

For now I need to submit a project brief no more than 2000 words within the next few days just to make sure I am doing the right topic. We can discuss the other steps later once I am done with the project brief (Project proposal). 

I hope I can find the best writer to help me achieve this task. 
I chose this book (Research methods for business students) as my research guide. This book is recommended by the teacher. However, the writer can use any other book or research methods if it makes it easier. 

1.1 Background

People face numerous challenges before starting a new business. A depressed economy of a country, uncertain market situations, and financial struggles – all bring a genuine threat to the fruitful introduction of a new business. According to Nistor and Zăgan-Zelter (2012), the business persons need to be capable of determining the kinds of risks that are best probable to influence their new business in the UK and Saudi Arabia and proactively come up with risk management plans that can allow the business to succeed in spite of having various obstacles.

The modern market trends and conditions in the UK pose a significant risk to starting-up a new business. Market risks do impact new ventures depending on the location and nature of the business, potential product pricing, and competition (Hillson,2002). The business owners need to efficiently manage the market risks through the performance of a comprehensive analysis to determine the potential for their specific products and service using an appropriate marketing plan. The financial standing risks of business also improve its ability to be successful. Essentially, many new ventures in the UK and Saudi Arabia face noteworthy financial risks. Insufficient startup funds lead to a substantial threat to any new businesses. According to Hillson (2002), most UK entrepreneurs who are not capable of securing financing usually make use of their personal savings or sometimes overextend their credit cards to support their new business opportunities. As a result, it is a significant risk that these business owners put themselves into, though it is known that personal financial success is usually tied to the effectiveness of new business .

Most people starting out in Saudi Arabia have minimal or lack management knowledge to face exceptional trials in establishing a successful business. According to the Office of Government Commerce (2009), any ineffective management has got an adverse impact on the sales effectiveness, customer and quality control service. The risk mentioned above and the political and economic risks are the key challenges affecting the start-up businessess in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the political and economic uncertainties and an infrequent hard business setting influence the corporate payment behavior of many customers in the country. Yousuf and Lawton (2012) suggest that the firm setting of Saudi Arabia is mediocre; thus, the accessibility and the dependability of corporate monetary information differ extensively. The institutional framework of the country has a small number of worrying weaknesses that when managed, any start-up business can flourish in the country.

 1.2 Problem Statement

Starting up a small business in the UK or Saudi Arabia is one of the greatest pleasant and rewarding initiatives a person will ever undertake. Nevertheless, the whole process is not  deprived of risks. Burns (2010) states that starting up a business implies challenging the likelihood of failure. However, it ought not to make a business person any less enthusiastic regarding the probability of succeeding (Shoult, 2006)…

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