A Multi-Modal Approach to Making a Modular Cardboard Lampshade

Background Information

Home is the place where people spend most of their time resting and conversing with family members. They may choose to stay in the living room or bedroom where they like to compliment with elegant fashion (Christopher 34). Lamp shades offer an easy and quick way to change the moods of the surroundings. They bring a warm look in a room by ensuring there is the right amount of light. The Modular Cardboard Lampshade is easy and cheap to make because it uses materials that can be obtained at home.  


  • Box cutter
  • Cardboard
  • Scrap papers
  • Cardstock template
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue
  • Crat glue
  • Lampshade ring
  • Binder clips


  1. Making the template
  2. Draw a triangle with sides of the same length and angles of 300 and draw another outside the first one.
  3. Cut out the outside triangle and cut its tips off.
  • Trace the template on a cardboard and cut out 15 of them using the box cutter
  • Trace lines of the inside triangle using the initial template…

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