A Review of the Study Designs and Statistical Methods Used in the Determination of Predictors of All-Cause Mortality in HIV-Infected Cohorts: 2002–2011

I would like an academic article (research paper) that use descriptive statistics method. and must be non-spatial data that has been collected or used for this article
then follow the steps:

Full citation of the paper. Any style is fine.

• Definition of the ” non-spatial descriptive statistics ” that has been used for the article. it can be divided to 2 definitions 1-non-spatial
2- Descriptive statistic

• Description of the research question addressed in the paper (in a simple way or simple words )

• Description of how the descriptive statistical method is used in the paper. (in a simple way or simple words )

• Description of the findings of the paper (in a simple way or simple words )

the article can be about one of these: ( articles related to geography)
demography, population change, immigrants, or any topic you can provide.
Thank you

Descriptive statistics refers to the tools that analyze and summarize a given set of data. The data can either being a sample of a population or the entire population depending on the size of the population and the sensitivity of the study. Non-spatial descriptive statistics constitutes a branch of descriptive statistics that deals with a more complicated set of data that cannot be easily linked with numerical terms such as images, text, and multimedia. The research seeks to realize the predictors of all-cause mortality in HIV-infected people between January 2002 and December 2011. Different statistical methods are employed to analyze the collected information and constitute far-reaching implications.             Descriptive statistical tools are employed to study the publication on predators of all-cause mortality in HIV-infected groups. The study is majorly built on peer-reviewed articles that match the study period (Otwombe, Kennedy N. et al.). Statistical tools are essential in making comparisons between the data collected and realizing the primary objective of the study. Descriptive statistics allowed the transformation of the collected data into comparable numerical data that is easy to analyze…

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