A Rhetoric Analysis Showing the Comparison of Jellypop Shoes and Keds Ads

I need you to write an essay about (logos, ethos, and pathos). I have got to advertisements, one about Jellypop Shoes, and the other is about Keds. I uploaded the guidelines to know how many paragraphs and how to write the essay. I also uploaded the outline for you to know the ideas and how to write the essay. 
Comparing two ads – Outline
I. Introduction: Persuasive techniques of advertisers from Seventeen magazine, March 2011. 
A. First ad: Jellypop Shoes
B. Second ad: Keds
C. Thesis: Both advertisers are seeking to attract young females, but use different rhetorical strategies to attract them. 
II. Second paragraph: Description of Jellypop Shoe ad
A. Content – layout, juxtaposition, size.
B. Color – varieties.
C. Scenery – background
D. Models – shoe styles
E. Text – meaning: pathos, ethos, logos
III. Third paragraph: Description of Keds shoe ad
A. Content – layout, juxtaposition
B. Color – contrasts, complements
C. Scenery – background
D. Models – photos, position
E. Text – meaning: pathos, ethos, logos
IV. Fourth paragraph: Analysis, Jellypop
A. Pathos – meaning, influence. 
B. Ethos – meaning, purpose.
C. Logos – meaning, values
V. Fifth paragraph: Analysis, Keds
A. Pathos – meaning, feelings
B. Ethos – meaning, system
C. Logos – meaning, symbol
VI. Target market: Jellypop
A. Rhetorical strategy – most appeal
B. Effectiveness – effect on target market
VII. Target market: Keds
A. Rhetorical strategy – most appeal
B. Effectiveness – effect on target market.
VIII. Conclusion
A. Synthetic comparison of both ads. 
B. Overall differences. 
C. Effect on target markets. 
D. Results: Both advertisers use slightly different appeals to pitch their target markets. Jelly-pop’s more anonymous appeal is based on photos and text, while Kids relies on identification with a model. While the Keds ad is more focused, the Jellypop ad has broader appeal. 


For many years, companies have used visual advertisements to inform customers about new and existing products and services. They also provide a unidirectional and impersonal communication channel that allows the flow of information from the company producing products to their customers. Advertisers also use persuasive techniques and rhetorical strategies to convince buyers to purchase their services or products. These methods are categorized into ethos, logos, and pathos, which attempt to convince consumers the credibility, honesty, and reliability of the company, provide statistics and evidence needed to understand the function of the product and evokes the emotion response in customers. The Jellypop shoes and Keds advertisements use effective techniques of advertisers from Seventeen Magazine, March 2011. They strive to show the world their great designs in footwear of high quality. They have created visual ads to inspire their customers as well as capture their attention. Their visual rhetoric strategies are aimed at convincing the audience to buy their products, which target the women. Both advertisers are seeking to attract young females, but use different rhetorical strategies to attract them.

Description of Jellypop Shoe Ad The image of the advertisement has different contents that are well positioned to attract the attention of the buyers. It had five different types of female wears various colors and placed on a rounded and stylish shoe rack. The shoes are put together in twos and at the top of the shoe rack; there is a vase with red flowers and a green letter ‘J’ beside it. There is also the word Jellypop shoes calligraphed in red and typeface ‘sometimes…shoes are simply like a work of art’ that are big enough to read. The photograph has an excellent size that allows all content to be placed strategically. The image has different colors choices such as red which is associated with romance, fun, and adventure. Other bright colors include green white and brown used to catch buyers’ attention. The background is a beige wooden wall that brings out an artist aspect liked by many people. This context is less bright than the rest of the items in the photograph; thus, helps the shoes being advertised to stand out in the image. The floor has fewer details and dull colored background that allows the audience to capture the stylish shoe rack holding the different shoes from various styles such as flat, wedges and high heels. The camera used captured even the smallest details on the shoes such as beaded work and color details on the heels…

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