Adobe Case Study

Write case study report 2000 words that includes executive summary, issues, causes, alternatives, decision criteria, recommended solutions, and implementation & implications from this Adobe video and cause and issue can find from this video . By the alternatives (at least 3), decision criteria, recommended solutions, implementations not conflict with this is background of company video

Executive Summary

 The report aims at exploring Adobe’s issue of flat growth caused by a series of factors such as a huge user base and lower purchasing power due to piracy issue that availed cheap counterfeited Adobe services and products. Adobe’s woes were the inability to access the massive amounts of interested clients and those who had no capability to purchase the products caused a flat growth. The report analyzes the alternatives for achieving equal growth measure given that Adobe has a global reputation such that adequate utilization of the reputation and large volumes of existing customers can give and equal value of success and growth as wooing new customers.  There is an exploration of the solutions for combating the issue using cloud-based subscriptions, incentives and cost reduction schemes, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and increasing products and services. Preventing privacy has also been explored in the report. 


According to Adobe’s managing director Stephen Hamill in the case study, Adobe had been experiencing flat growth in the previous 20 years[1]. The flat growth is the state at which a company does not grow despite the presence of elements that are potential to make a market grow and increase market share[2].  Hamill describes adobe’s business situation as a flat market since the trading boundaries did not increase despite the massive clients interested in the software products. The issue is how the company would utilize the large number of interested clients and use the potential to turn Adobe as a successful company. The company was operating in an unfavorable capture market and the managers encountered issues in shaping the company operations to achieve success like any other business company. The issue of flat growth was the key issue to be averted if Adobe was to ensure the effective return of shareholder value. According to Hamill, one of the other key problem was to obtain a share price in the unfavorable market, which had a massive user – base which was not harnessed well.


Stephen Hamill equates the cause of the situation with market saturation where the huge user-base contributed to flat growth. At that time, there was a massive number of product users around the world who were interested in the technology….

[1] Video Business Case: Stephen Hamill, Managing Director , South East Asia, Adobe. Directed by Stephen Hamill Interview. Performed by Stephen Hamill. 2016.

[2] Tomasko, Robert. Bigger isn’t always better : the new mindset for real business growth. New York: AMACO, 2012.

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