Advertisement for Newscast

Write one 30 second promotion announcement of your choice for either of the following:
A 30 second generic positioning promotion announcement for the newscast. This would run at 
various times on Channel 8 W-TV.
These should be submitted in script form. Can someone look at your script and 
actually hear or visualize what is taking place? Could we actually give these to a producer to 
execute? Remember to utilize the strengths of the individual medium. These should be written 
and designed to be produced within the means of the budget and personnel of the stations. i.e. you can’t hire a helicopter to shoot beauty shots.

According to Rieck (2010), organizations it is important for organizations to structure their ads in the appropriate manner to fit the limited time frame provided by the broadcasting channels such as televisions. The aim of this paper is to prepare a 30-second promotion announcement for [G1] SUV 2017 Camry Hybrid from Rana Automobiles to run various times on Channel 8W-TV.[G2] 

GenderMale/ Female
Length30 seconds
Target GroupMiddle-aged men[G3] 
VoiceThrilling and authoritative
MusicClassic rock
Sound EffectsRace tracks


A middle-aged man, armed with his life savings[G4] , checks in at Rana Automobile to buy his dream car, the SUV Camry Hybrid. He is welcome by the dealer who surprises him with the new price of the vehicle. The customer realizes that he does not have to use his entire life saving to buy the car, jumps around, pays for the car in cash and leaves with it.

Customer:  Good afternoon sir.

Dealer: Good afternoon. Have a seat. How can I help you?

Customer: I have always wished to own the SUV 2017 Camry Hybrid priced at $ 26, 790, which is equivalent to my entire life savings. Today, I have decided to give you the money in exchange for the car.

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