Amazon Kindle PEST Analysis in North America


            Amazon Kindle is one of the best perfuming commerce entity in the e-reader industry. Its success is confined in the changing socio-cultural perspectives and the friction between old and new traditions in the contemporary world (Parnell 2013). People now prefer to access e-books and enjoy the exceptional electronic reading experience at the expense of purchasing hardcopies of book. E-readers offers more to a reader hypertext linking, anchor tagging, public tagging and tangential file extensions (Parnell 2013). Advancement in technology and the enhancement in the reading culture and education have shaped the position for the e-reader industry. There are many industries that offer e-book services to customers and readers all over the world. This paper will focus on the Amazon Kindle in North America. It will analyze a number of factors and changes that affect and describe the current position of Amazon Kindle in North America- political stability, cyber-security, economic stability, increased consumerism and environmental conservation policies. The specific changes and factors that define the Amazon Kindle market in North America will also be profoundly analyzed: political, economical, socio-cultural, and technological and environment. The second part of the paper will capture the implications of the changes and how they have helped to shaped different economic indices of the company: primary demand, selective demand Segmentation competition and market. The success of a company in any given field is deeply tied in the ability to embrace certain external factors in defining the attainment of both organizational and departmental goals. The paper will seek to develop the relationship between the impacts and how they have shaped both the Amazon Kindle e-reader market in North America. Amazon Kindle is rated as the most widespread

Changes in the e-reader market in North America

Political factors            The political environment is one of the major determinants of accomplishment in any given business. It defines a number of changes that affect the ability of a business to develop itself (Marmol 2015). Political factors ranges from governance, political stability, security to government laws and policies. North America is one of the most developed regions in the world with the strongest economies. United States of America (USA), Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica and other countries collectively describe the rich e-reader market of the region…

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