An Analysis of Case 4: OR Solutions Reaches a Crossroad

Brief Summary

The OR solutions company is located in Oklahoma, United States of America.  Just like any other company or business unit, it is faced with some challenges that are likely to affect its normal operations. The progress and future development of the firm were in doubt following some problems facing the company. A meeting between an experienced entrepreneur, engineer, and other relevant personnel has been scheduled at the OR solutions boardroom to figure out a suitable way of reviving the company. The company suffered an enormous hit despite its large pool of customers and the huge volume of sales. The fall of the company was unimaginable and unprecedented when it happened. Jack’s counterpart, Tom, is an engineer by profession with vast experience in this field. He had designed and installed medical devices at the OSU medical center in the same area. These procedures were meant to enhance efficiency and more safety during medical surgery operations. Tom was an expert in coordinating various medical and surgical equipment to ensure the excellent results have been achieved. The idea was to revive the company and claim a share of it. They were looking for a fifteen percent ownership of the OR solutions company in return. The strategy and launch of the company were majorly boosted by financial contributions and inputs from both partners. Initially, they had employed Henry Spencer as a director of sales and marketing, and his presence in the company would mean massive sales of the medical equipment keeping in mind his experience in the field of marketing.

Key Issues

  • Inefficiency and safety issues; The OR solutions had surgical, medical devices that were prone to errors and were inefficient. The idea here was to use of Tom in developing more efficient tools that could be employed without causing errors and enhancing the safety of the patients. This strategy could also lead to more sales, profits, and growth of the organization.
  • Jack’s ideas as a successful entrepreneur were crucial, and if efficiently installed, they could result in the success of the company. However, they were not fully utilized at the time.
  • The OR solutions company was undergoing financial constraints, which were affecting its operations. Hence, the company could not improve in technology due to these limitations. In addition, it could not employ more experienced people in the business field to improve its sales and marketing strategies.

The Possible Solutions

  • Utilize Tom’s engineering skills and redesign the medical, surgical device to make it more efficient.  He has excellent experience because he worked with several other medical companies. In all his assignments, he proved to be skilled and effective.

The OR solutions could also utilize Jack’s entrepreneurial skills and experience. His ideas in marketing would help in the sales and commercialization of the OR solutions devices. This decision could increase sales and profits for the company…

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