Analysis of a Monologue from “Glass Menagerie”

This monologue from “Glass Menagerie” exposes a bitter relationship between the character and his mother. The beginning of the monologue is filled with questions that the character addresses to his mother. They show how the character feels misunderstood by his mother and the more questions he asks the angrier he gets because he feels deeply unsatisfied with his life and he probably blames his mother for the life he lives. Further on, in the second paragraph, his feelings escalate and he becomes rebellious and tries to provoke his mother. His tone is sarcastic and he feels no empathy for his mother – he deliberately wants to hurt her with his words. That is why he says that he has joined a gang and has become an assassin. In the last part of the monologue, the character’s disappointment and hatred climax in cursing and wishing that his mother would succumb to disaster. The escalation of the character’s anger and hatred is followed by a change in his physical behavior. He is already yelling at the start of the monologue and he gesticulates wildly, but as he continues talking, he becomes more uncontrolled and exhibits violent behavior.

            The character’s opinion of life is similar to mine. I would do anything to lead my dream life. Living a worthless life and doing a terrible job would also be very frustrating for me. I believe in taking chances, making first steps, and doing everything in my power to have a good life…

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