Analysis of Presentation

Hypothesis: Tourism at Lulworth Cove is being sustainably managed.

Data Presentation 1: Environmental Quality Survey

The first presentation is the Environmental Quality Survey at Lulworth Cove. It shows the impact that human nature has on the environment. The presentation notes important aspects in the context and describes whether it is human intensive or not. The presence of human made objects in the society is rated to have a relatively high human impact, and it explains the existence of slated roofs that relate to the traditional building material found in Lulworth. I decided to use the chart and the pictures to clearly illustrate that Lulworth is a town tied to its inhabitants. The pictures qualify my observation and help clarify the points noted on the chart.

Systematic sampling is the perfect method to employ for this kind of study. My main conviction as to why I went for systematic sampling was because it presents a simple outline for data collection. Using RICEPOTS involves filing in or predetermined sections with information after observation. It does not require the creation of parts that can harm the final results of the study. It is also good to think that systematic sampling allows me the opportunity to relate my study to those of other people and can be easy for me to compare results and argue out on any disparities…

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