Analyzing the Difference Between Classical or Functional Management & Project Management

-talk about marx’s theory of surplus value
-look at the original book from karl marx about his theory of surplus value
-also look at Controversies in the Theory of Surplus Value: Old and New by John Eatwell or from other sources talk about pros and cons of this theory (marx’s surplus value theory)
-don’t put any biography such as where marx come from, when did he died or born (bcs it will be too boring). Write something more interesting in introduction
-put in-text references in the sentences (author name, year, page number)
-bibliography in harvard style
Management is critical for any organization. Different organizations use various approaches to achieve their management goals (Nadrifar, Bandani, & Shahryari, 2016, p. 83). The classical or functional management and the project management are two of these approaches that differ significantly. The classical management is used to predict and control behavior in the organization (Nadrifar et al., 2016, p. 84). The approach entails establishing a chain of command among the workers. In this context, the organization can have top-level managers, middle-level managers, and first level manages. The levels represent the flow of power in the organization. Resultantly, there is a one sided flow of information, which is from the top-level management to the other sectors. The phenomenon results in an authoritarian leadership style. Additionally, classical management is characterized by division of labor where difficult tasks are divided into simpler tasks that can be easily accomplished (Nadrifar et al., 2016, p. 84)…

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