Analyzing Three Literary Devices from a Short Story

Biography of Brad Watson

Watson was born on 1955 in Mississippi. After attempting his fortune in Hollywood, Watson joined the Meridian Junior College and afterward Mississippi State University where he earned a Bachelors Degree in English in 1978. After, he acquired an MFA in American literature and writing at the University of Alabama. He was employed as the newspaper editor and journalist at a publicity agency. Later on, he went back to the University of Alabama where he taught creative writing and also worked in the public relations department. While he was still there, Watsons published Last Days of Dog Men after ten years of writing and, it made him win the Sue Kaufman Prize for his first fiction. His book The Heaven of Mercury (2002) was voted for National Book Reward. Moreover, Watson’s Aliens in Prime of their Lives had received positive appraisal in Boston Phoenix and The New York Times. It had stories about miscarriages, divorce, a joint custody visitation, and a touch of incest.


Literary devices represent conventional structures that are used by writers such as Brad Watson to convey a message in a secure manner to the readers. If it is employed correctly, the various literary devices assist readers to interpret, analyze, and appreciate literary work (Karp 34). Therefore, this paper will examine Brad Watsons’s Are You Mr. Lonelee? using three literary devices which include imagery, simile, and flashback.

Imagery Imagery symbolizes objects, ideas, and actions in a way which appeals to physical senses. Therefore, it is supposed that imagery applies particular phrases which build a visual representation of thoughts in the reader’s mind. The term imagery is related to mental pictures, but the notion is partly right (Deppe 56). However, for imagery to be rational, it must turn out to be intricate than just the picture…

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