Annotated Bibliography 32

Introduction:An annotated bibliographyallows a writer and/orresearcher to view multipleperspectives on a commontopic.The annotations verify asource’s relevance, accuracy,and overall use as a researchtool.The annotated bibliographycontains three parts: (1) thecitation, (2) the summary,and (3) the critique of thesource.The citation precedes thesummary and critique. Thesummary objectivelypresents the work’s mainpoints, and the critiqueevaluates its use, itslimitations, and itscredibility.Structurally, the summaryand critique are sometimesintegrated into a singleparagraph.

Assignment: For this assignment you willcreate an annotatedbibliography for threeacademic sources centeredaround your course theme.These sources must all befrom the social sciences, sobe sure to use the properresearch methods and tools.The annotated bibliographywill focus on the socialsciences, so please use APAstyle.When annotating sources,consider the author’s authorityon the topic, the currencyof the article, use ofillustrations (such as charts),and how effectively thesource highlights theresearch theme. 

Three academic sources in the socialsciencesCitations preceding the annotationAnnotations of at least 100 words foreach sourceAPA style/documentation Cover sheet Running header Double-spaced Times New Roman, 12-point font

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