Apple’s Renaissance

ead about the case, and answer the question OUTCOMES

Outcomes: What do you expect will happen if the company acts on your recommendations? How will your recommendations resolve their problems, and what specifically will they gain by taking your advice?

In the case, Apple is suffering from the low customer base and lack of innovative strength and competitive advantage. It is recording low revenue due to its inability to attract a significant market for its products. If Apple decides to diverse their products and considers the lower class customers, they will increase their sales by a large percentage. However, to cut down the cost of production, they should use low-quality material and technology to produce for the lower class customers. Nevertheless, this move will affect the sales of some of the top-rated products because some capable customers will prefer the cheap products instead of the existing expensive products (Jin and Lin 124). Conversely, the end effect of this routine is that Apple will sell more products and expand its market share. If Apple decides to go back to its roots and establish new products and innovation, it will win back the loyalty of its consumers. Customers will always opt for new products with high level of functionality and efficiency. Instead of improving the iPhone, for instance, the company can decide to innovate a new phone under an entirely new description…

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