application 1

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For this application, I would like you to choose four interviews from different sections of Gig. You may include up to two of the assigned selections. After reading and reflecting on each interview, write a 2 to 2 ½ page essay considering questions such as: How is work and its meaning similar or different among the 4 individuals interviewed? What if any patterns do you see? (for example are most people looking for more intrinsic or more extrinsic rewards?) Be sure to identify the four people you are analyzing. Your essay should go beyond a superficial treatment and get at underlying themes and patterns as you see them reflected in the readings. It should be well-organized with a clear thesis, and logical transitions.

The name of the book Gig: Americans Talk about their Jobs by John Bowe, Marisa Bowe and Sabin Streeter (2001) Three Rivers Press.

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