Article Review

Study Plan: this is a self-paced session. You are required to read the article “The role of the business excellence model in operational and strategic decision making” and summarise your review and understanding in 200 words onto the Discussion Forum. Please use your own writing and provide evidence on all aspects of the article. I might ask 2-3 of you to discuss the learning points from the article in the next virtual class.

In this article titled The role of the business excellence model in operational and strategic decision making, Denis Leonard and Rodney McAdam argue persuasively for the use of the business excellence model (BEM) while making business decisions, at the operational tactical and strategic level (Leonard & McAdam, 2002). The authors begin their argument by noting that decisions making in business is serious issue, hence it cannot be undertaken haphazardly without relying on a model or established framework.

After that, they then quickly undertake a critique of BEM and decision making, noting that in its previous element, the model has not been highly effective, because of the fact that its structure has not incorporated all the required elements (Lona, Reyes, & Kumar, 2013). With a careful review of literature, the authors proceed from the past to the present, noting that BEM provides a structures approach to business management and decision making, allowing for the very much required linkage, coordination, directing and regulation to achieve the set objectives (Madjid, 2014). Besides, the author note that BEM provides a way to measure and assess the performance of an organization alongside set standards, hence functioning as an effecting control tool – which even allows for the enforcement of the right corrective mechanisms in and when there is need to do so. After the above analysis, the authors demonstrate how BEM can be used as way to deliver structuralized planning, at the tactical and strategic level (Waal, 2013). As is clearly shown in Figure 2, the BEM model is concentrated at the tactical level, with planning, setting structures and measurements being done at this level – coordination takes place at the bottom operational level while goals and major decisions are made at the strategic level. All the three levels – operational, tactical and strategic – are dependent on one another…

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