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Your first assignment deals with the material covered by supplementary reading 1 (Intro to Shinto/ Kojiki). Your assignment should be between 1.5-2 pages, 12 point font, Times Roman, double spaced.


The Kojiki(Record of Ancient Matters), dated 712, contains various stories about the mythological origin of Japan. Using the example we discussed in class (Izanami and Izanagi creating the Japanese islands) from your readings explain the relationship between the gods, human beings, and Japanese culture.

For your discussion consider the following points:

  • – What does the word “Shinto” mean? How does it relate to Japanese culture?
  • – How is Shinto an expression of Japanese national identity?
  • – Who are Izanami and Izanagi? Why are they important for the Japanese creation myth in the Kojiki? How does this creation story legitimize the Kojiki as Japan’s national history?
  • How does this mythological creation story emphasize the Shinto concept of “purity” ? Please work with textual passages from the text to back up your arguments. For citation, just use: Supplementary Reading 1 (Kojiki), p. ..M. Dix

Here is the source to help you to answer the questions:

No other outside sources except these two sources I gave you which are the link and the pdf.

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