Attitudes Toward Gender Roles in Relationships

For this assignment you will participate in an online social psychology research study. Use the link below and choose one study. A word of caution: Many of these studies have been here for years and may not be active. You might have to click on multiple links to find one that works.
After you complete the study, you need to write a 1-2 page reflection paper. HINT: It might be a good idea to read the rest of the assignment first and take notes on the study as you go through it to make writing your paper easier.
The first paragraph of your paper must include the title of the study you participated in along with the link to that study. The rest of your paper should answer the following questions:
1) What was the study about? What social psychological topic were the researchers studying? Why/ how did you pick this study?
2) What did you have to do for the study? Was it just a set of survey questions? Did you have to read/watch something and then answer questions? What kinds of questions did you have to answer? Give as much detail as you can.
3) Did you behave naturally in the study? Did you respond truthfully to all questions? Why or why not?
4) What do you think the main independent and dependent variables of the study were? What kind of relationship do
you think the researchers were looking for (i.e., correlation/causation; negative/positive relationship)?
5) Did you enjoy the study? Would you participate in research like this again? Why or why not?
you will be graded on your ability to write clearly with minimal errors. See the grading rubric below.

For this project, I undertook a survey study by the Brunel University Psychology Department that sought to “examine the attitudes and roles of men and women in romantic relationships.” The study’s link is: The prerequisite for this study was to have been involved in at least one romantic relationship in one’s life. Therefore, the nature of the research allowed each participant to determine the outcome based on one’s experiences in a romantic relationship.

In this study, the researcher sought to understand the dynamic nature and attitudes toward the role of men and women in romantic relationships. The latter is a social psychological issue that can only be understood by conducting a multifactor examination of different variables. I decided to participate in the study since I met the prerequisite requirements, and as a chance to understand my perspective in relation to the subject of the study.

The study was conducted through an online questionnaire that required individuals to respond to questions on a scale from ‘strongly agree to strongly disagree.’ The use of a five-point Likert scale means that they want to gather information regarding the intensity and frequency of certain subjects. The interview questions were comprehensive and sought to find information about the position of the interviewee in their romantic relationship, their perception of their partner, the emotional state of the relationship, the concept of power between the partners, the insecurities of the interviewee with regard to the relationship, and other subjects…

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