Automated Digital Homes

You already know that you can connect your computers, TVs, and gaming systems together, making you the envy of your friends. You can take it one step further, however, and automate your digital home. Did you know that you can connect your appliances, home entertainment systems, and other electronic devices to your home network so that you can control them from another room or even when you are away from home? Sounds too good to be true, right? It is happening right now!

Use a search engine to find more information about automated digital homes, and write a brief paper explaining:

  • What an automated home is.
  • Give a scenario of your dream home
  • How this automated home would work.
  • Describe at least five different devices in your scenario.
  • How would this home be of benefit?

Concerns About Internet Security

Security of the data being collected as part of technology has become a serious issue of how Information Technology is performing in our society.  This discussion gives you an opportunity to consider the impact of the security issue.

  1. What are your personal concerns about internet security?      Include any instances where your personal security has been violated 

2. What are your concerns regarding business security particularly the organizations with whom you do business?

3. What security issues do you have with Facebook, Twitter, and other similar websites?

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