Barack Obama’s presidency of the U.S., and his leadership to date

Barack Hussein Obama is the current leader and president of the 50 states of the United States of America. Just like the 43 presidents before him, he has an enormous responsibility to the citizens to provide a safe place for them to live. Prior to his presidency, he was the Senator of Illinois for seven years and later became president in 2009 (Atwater, 2007). His leadership style differs from the other presidents and leaders, but it has its faults and negative aspects. The following research paper will focus on analyzing the nature of Barack Obama’s leadership, strengths, and weaknesses. The essay will also illuminate on the importance that he placed on ‘situation’ and the reasons for the huge following. Finally, the paper will conclude with a self-reflection on the topic of leadership.

Some of the primary achievements of President Obama include the increment in private jobs in a period of 65 months, thus significantly reducing the unemployment rate in the United States of America to 5.3% (Lindsay, 2011). Others include the activism for gay rights, climate change, and environment-friendly forms of energy. One of the factors that made him successful in these and much more is the passion that he has for leadership. He enjoys what he does thus giving motivating him on his leadership responsibilities. A good leader must have passion as a motivation for his leadership. Also, being in leadership for a long time has helped him in practicing good leadership skills such as working together with a team to get more work done. Obama’s attributes of courage and integrity in his decision-making are other reasons for his success (Walters, 2007). As a good leader, he is not afraid of making tough decisions such as mediating in forming a nuclear deal with the Iranians, who have been at war with America for a long time.

On the other hand, Obama’s leadership has its flaws, which have ultimately affected his leadership. First, his weakness in public speaking has reduced his capability to communicate properly with people….

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