Bernie Sander’s Position on Social Security

In the United States of America, the definition of social security refers to a program designed to provide public assistance to people in the community, specifically to those who cannot work due to various reasons such as disability, old age, or unemployment. The U.S program is to allow those people to have the means to access basic food and services until they can do so by themselves or get a helper. As such, the government collects money from those who are already working and uses it to provide monetary services to those who incapable. It is an initiative that Bernie Sanders holds on to and urges the government to take seriously. The paper below will discuss his position regarding social security by providing some of his supporting arguments. Efforts towards social security should be made strong and extended to as many Americans as possible.

Bernie Sanders is a politician and a junior U.S Senator, who is vying for the seat of presidency in the year 2016. People also commend Sanders for his efforts in promoting civil rights and racial equality in America. He had also campaigned for the increase in jobs and freedom. For a long time, he was against the foreign policy of the United States of America and many times spoke about the ill of the war in Iraq. As such, his position on social security is more than just a political strategy to win the presidential elections against Donald Trump in the year 2016. In matters of social security, Bernie Sanders states that it should not only be increased, but also taken seriously to eradicate the phenomenon of a rigged economy. He breaks his opinion into several components…..

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