Black Muslim Women in the American Society

Religion is one of the most important factors that determine the behavior of people within the society. According to Horton (2), the term religion refers to a set of behaviors and practices, sacred places and texts, worldviews, ethics and societal organization that serves as a connection of the human beings to the order of existence. The religion of an individual defines the particular manner in which a person should behave and even dress. The Islamic faith, for instance, requires people to wear clothes that do not expose their bodies. Moreover, women are required by the religion to be submissive to submissive. The aim of this paper is to analyze the place of Black Muslim women in the American society.  The paper uses three textual elements namely the format, the style and characterization used in the case study to develop an analysis of the theme in the play. 


One of the most important considerations in developing excellent graphical stories is the format used.  The form of graphic novel comprises the panel designs, the fonts used, framing devices, the speech, and caption. The case study given combines the use of both the word and text panels to illustrate the requirements of the Islamic religion on the women. The Islam requirements for the black women can be seen when the two women, representing the traditional society are surprised by the dress code of the young lady. They think that the American culture has eroded the religion, thus giving them the responsibility of explaining the role of Muslim women in the society. Moreover, the panels are used to show the difference between the traditional religion and the present one…

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