BMBA 5031 Project

For your final course project, I want you to first pick an industry that you might be interested in.  Then, I want you to select a global company within that industry.  I want you to discuss the following:

  1. Give a brief history / overview of the company.  May be the equivalent of 2 solid paragraphs (single space between paragraph lines, double space between paragraphs).
  • Discuss / describe the company’s competitive international strategy.  What entry strategy does the company use (importing, franchising, joint venture, etc.)?
  • High might that strategy vary between countries where it operates (compare and contrast).
  • How might COVID-19 have impacted the company’s operation in a specific country (just one – your choice)?
  • What types of strategies might the company employ to resurrect its operations today?  What do you see as the major challenges (why and how) and what are the major opportunities that the company might find?

What I want to see is some thought go into this and not just some type of superficial answer one might read in a short article.  Feel free to use whatever sources you might find available.  Also, I want to make sure you integrate text materials into this and you have multiple chapters that you might want to focus on (such as the strategy, entry chapter, leadership/motivation chapters).  Make sure you cite your works within the body of the report.  Also, as you can imagine, I would get really, really excited if a discussion of sustainability was integrated in it!

I’m looking for depth.  You may use bullet points to present your ideas but make sure there is discussion within them.  I don’t want to see that XX Company has the following issues and then list 5 things.  While those 5 things are relevant, there needs to be a significant discussion with it (such as, answer the question “why”).

This might sound strange but I want you to have some fun with this.  Feel free to discuss your ideas with me or members of your team.  You cannot work on the same company as your teammates

Use the same formatting as requested in the mid-term and final. 

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