Book Report on Malcolm X

Book 1 – Malcom X by any means necessary a biography by Walter Dean Myers
Book 2 – The autobiography of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley

Please answer the following questions in the book report:

5 pages long
1. Your selection: why did you choose this particular book?
2. Mode of orientation: what n your experience connects you to author?
3. Who is the author? Give a short summary of their life and their achievements
4. Gut reaction: give an honest response
5. Synopsis: summarize the book for someone who as never read it
6. Temporal setting: in what period of time does the story take place?
7. Physical setting: where does the story take place?
8. Who are the main characters? Summarize who they are and why they are important to the story
9. Were you able to connect to the story?
10. Would you recommend this book to a friend or some other person?

This report is based upon the book Malcolm X: by any means necessary, written by Walter Dean Myers and the autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley. This book is published by Scholastic Inc. and is copyrighted by 1993 Walter Dean Myers

Introduction of the author

The book Malcolm X: by any means necessary, is a provocative product of its time written by Walter Dean Myers famous for the exemplary literature. He worked hard his whole life and achieved the status of New York’s Bestselling Author. During his lifetime, Walter received a lot of awards for his literary work, which includes SLAM, MONSTER, and SOMEWHERE IN THE DARKNESS.  Walter proved to Americans that every race deserves recognition in the world of literature. Despite the language and limitations of its time, Malcolm X: by any means necessary, is a powerfully anti-racist book rooted based on the idea that each person’s experiences are unique on their own.

Reason for choosing this book

I found this book to be well thought out and well written. The book captivated me as it analyzes in chronological order the rise and role of a revolutionary leader in American history. It

draws the reader in with a clear illustration of Malcolm’s early childhood and the struggles his family encountered living in white supremacists areas. Walter Dean offers a detailed account of Malcolm’s life in the streets as a drug dealer and his transition to prison. It also appealed to me as it provides information on how religion can play a pivotal role in impacting ideological beliefs, actions, and thoughts.  Additionally, it’s a wonderful page-turner that stimulates thought-provoking ideas, questions, and explanations on the history of racism in America.

Connection to the author

Minorities in the society have for so long experienced great Injustices, and it has formed the basis of the modern-day atrocities. They are treated as second class citizens, and sometimes minor crimes can lead to severe beatings and execution without trials or legal proceedings. Therefore I genuinely connect with the author as he recounts the genesis and evolution of the Institution of racism. In his incisive and precisive prose, the author seeks to create an illustration of the obstacles Malcolm X faced being a black man in America right from his birth to the time of his assassination….

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