Book Report: Who Moved My Cheese?


-In 4-5 pages, typed, double space, MLA style, identify the principles and teachings discussed in the book and how it has related to you in your personal life/ and or how you will use this knowledge in the future.

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Link for the book:

Using the storyWho Moved My Cheese, there are several lessons derived that can be used. A wide array of lessons is available depending on how one relates to it. Some of the lessons I got from it are as follows

Inevitability of Change

In the maze, Sniff and Scurry were very active. Always up and down to look for new cheese bunkers. However, when the cheese at station C got depleted, they moved on quickly. Ready for such a scenario, they took it positively, worked hard to acquire another station, and, although it took the time to find a new location, they found it eventually (Johnson 23). Contrastingly, Hem and Haw after finding that cheese station C was now dry, did not want to believe it. Personally, moving to new schools was always turned out to be hard. The new environment, new friends, and new teachers made me rigid to change. As much as it was obvious that I had to move schools, I did not want to accept. In the end, Haw decided to try out something different and eventually made it, meaning it is never too late to accept change, preferably, at the first chance. Lesson learned: be ready for a change. In future, I should learn to take the changes that come with life and move with them. Everything that comes with that change will be flexible.

Nothing Is Ever Easy As much as station C was full of cheese enough for the both parties, Sniff and Scurry were quick to look for another position after using up cheese (Johnson 23). They did not find the new station, N, easily. They ran the maze, accepted small cheese along the way, and lived in the belief of getting more cheese. Eventually, Haw found so significant a source, which could not possibly be true. Expanding your base exposes you to greater opportunities, lessons, and payoffs. Before I learned how to swim, I always feared the deep end. I was comfortable with the shallow end of the pool and had no plans for ever trying anything different. Although it was not easy to learn, I eventually had to do it. Fear of drowning like others was my greatest inhibitor. However, I learned that there is always something greater beyond my comfort zone…

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