Build And Automation Tools Such As Maven Or ANT Or Gradle Computer Science Homework Help 4 Pages

Q1. Research software build and automation tools such as Maven,ANT, and Gradle.  Answer the following in your post:

1.  What are used for and how are they used?

2.  Compare and contrast each of the tools.

3.  What are the benefits and best uses of each tool?

Requirement:400 Words.

Deadline:6 Hours.

Q2. Often companies discuss RAID, back-ups and remotereplication as being synonymous with each other. That is, are they all part ofa back-up strategy? Explain.

Requirement: 650Words

Deadline: 12Hours.

Q3. Storage Systems:

1. Researchvarious techniques used to ensure consistency of a local replica.

2. Researchcontinuous data protection technology and its benefits over array-based replicationtechnologies.

3. What arethe considerations for implementing synchronous remote replication?

4. Explain theRPO that can be achieved with synchronous, asynchronous, and disk-bufferedremote replication.

Requirement: 3 pages

Deadline: Three Days. 

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