Bureaucracy in Modern Formal Organizations

A complaint of modern life is that society is dominated by large and impersonal secondary organizations. From schools to businesses to health care to government, these organizations, referred to as formal organizations are high bureaucratized. All formal organizations are, or will likely become bureaucracies. Complete the following written assignment:

 *Do you consider today’s large companies like General Motors, Amazon, or Facebook to be bureaucracies? Why or why not? Which of the main characteristics of bureaucracies do you see in them? Which are missing? Be sure to correctly reference your source(s) in your paper.      

According to Terlep, the modern society is characterized by the presence of large, impersonal, formal governmental and non-governmental organizations whose structure takes the form of social bureaucracy. Almost all organizations ranging from business firms, health facilities to educational organizations have well-thought, visions, missions, and corporate culture that can only be met by following a set of objectives and rules. The objectives are met by carrying out an intricate labor division that gives rise to duty diversification and compartmentalization whose consequences are tasks or job specialization and need for specialized functions within an organization such as management. As long as the organizational structure has a decentralized management structure which is the most effective structure, the bureaucracy will reign in the modern society and the future.

In a large company like vehicle manufacturing company such as General Motors, bureaucracy manifests itself regarding the top-down decision-making format and a decentralized administration structure. General Motors’ layout is divided into several manufacturing departments from fabrication to assembling, which calls for a multiplicity of roles. Similarly, the hiring process is based on competitive and qualification criteria where the positions that demand specialization such as management, supervisions, and specialized tasks are occupied by individuals with superior education levels (Terlep). It is one characteristic of bureaucracy as the hiring process and management require the organization to establish a coordinated corporate structure which is characterized by rules and regulations that govern the administrative procedures….

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