Business Integration and Strategic Planning

Complete a short Written Case Analysis (2-3 pages, not including a title page and references page)

(1) identify all the pertinent issues pertaining to unique marketing and positioning strategy
(2) perform an analysis and evaluation highlighting why that gives Whole Foods a competitive advantage compared to other grocery store chains.
(3) propose an action plan or set of recommendations based on that competitive advantage.

The Whole Foods Market is a giant natural and organic food store founded in 1980 with the sole mission of promoting the well-being of people through the provision of high quality, wholesome foods. Starting as a supermarket in Texas, the brand has gone global, boasting several stores in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. Founded at a time when the Americans were getting more conscious of what they ate, and with few stores to supply natural foods, The Whole Foods Markets, enjoyed large markets (Thompson A. A., Whole Foods Market in 2014: Vision, CoreValues, and Strategy, 2014).

Its expansion strategy was majorly through the opening of new outlets as well as the acquisition of small stores situated in prime locations, and those with experienced staff. 2007 saw the largest acquisition when the Whole Food Markets bought the Wild Oats Markets. The strategy also involved selling off, or closing the less profitable branches of the Wild Oats Markets. The expansion plan was hurt by the 2007-2008 economic recession which forced the Whole Foods Markets to scale down acquisitions. The store also used a cost-effective approach in the expansion which included smaller stores, with less décor and departments. However, as the economy looked up in the 2011-2013 period, the expansion plan was accelerated.

Before opening a new outlet, extensive research into the population density, levels of income, as well as the education of the people in the target areas is carried out. The company has 473 stores across the US, UK, and Canada. It merged with in August of 2017.

Marketing and Positioning           

As opposed to the general expectations, the Whole Food Markets actually spends less on advertisements as compared to other supermarkets. The company heavily relies on mouth-to-mouth advocacy as its major form of advertisement…

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