Business Plan

  1. Introduction
  2. Name and Address of Business

Amazing World Tech. Limited

14 Princeton Road

New Jersey


CF24 3DG

  1. Name(s) and address(s) of Principal(s)


Chief Executive Officer

1105 Christchurch Road

New Jersey




1345 Garden State Parkway

New Jersey


  1. Nature of Business

Amazing World Tech. Limited is an electronics firm that produces and sells different electronic devices like phones, computers, radios, and televisions, among others.

  1. Statement of Financing Needed

The sources of capital for the firm are banks and other non-governmental organizations, sales of public shares, leasing and renting of property and contributions from the fourteen members of the board. An estimate of four million dollars in needed.

The funds are expected to finance equipment and machinery, raw materials, supplies, tools, parts of machines and other electronics, services offered by subcontractors, services for equipment and machinery, salary and allowances of workers and managers, product promotion and marketing tools and customer care services.

  1. Statement of Confidentiality Report

The undersigned holder or reader of Amazing World Tech. Limited Business Plan hereby acknowledges that all the information provided in the Business Plan is hundred percent confidential, and hence, the holder or reader must agree never to disclose any information found within the business plan to any business or individual without the full and written consent of the Amazing World Tech. Limited board of management. The reader or holder of the Business Plan must also acknowledge that all the information that is to be included in the Business Plan is in every aspect confidential other than information that is allowed for a public domain through approved methods. Therefore, the disclosure or use of any data treated as confidential may result in severe consequences, since it is likely to damage the image of Amazing World Tech. Limited.

Upon request by the company, the Business Plan must be returned to Amazing World Tech. Limited

Applicable Law

This Contract is governed by the company act and the laws of the state of New Jersey and any other applicable Federal law



Printed Name

  1. Executive Summary

The company is to be divided into four business sections. The first one will deal with home entertainment that includes televisions and radio sets. The market survey conducted determined that few businesses are offering the same products…

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