Carbon Offset and Carbon Credit

The website introduce some relevant topics on carbon offset and carbon credit

In the writing, I  need 2-3 real-world projects/cases, for example European Union, China and California. Each case analyze separately and then compare them, please follow the requirement in page 1 number 2,3,4.

2)- Discuss the environmental problem(s) that these projects or programs are supposed to deal with. (10 points)

3)- Very briefly review the economic theory underlying the solution(s) implemented in your cases to solve the abovementioned environmental problem(s). Please note that in this essay we are focusing on economic tools, policies, and market mechanisms to solve the environmental problems. (10 points)

4)- You can discuss and review many projects, but you need to expand at least a few of them in more details in order to compare them, in terms of the incentive structure (the role of private/government in the project), managerial and implementation structures, geographical coverage, sectoral coverage, the final outcomes and effectiveness of the programs to achieve the goals (whether they were successful or unsuccessful). (40 points)

The structure of the paper includes :

  1. Introduction

2. Economic theory and policy

3. case study

3.1 Carbon offset and Carbon credit in country 1

3.2Carbon offset and Carbon credit in country 2

3.3 Carbon offset and Carbon credit in country 3

3.4 Discussion

4. Conclusion

5. Reference  (At least #12)

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