Cardiovascular Programme

Introduction: Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

Cardio is the short name of the cardiovascular exercise, and it is any movement which increases blood circulation in body and gets the heart rate up. There are different methods, forms of doing cardio exercise and all have particular guidelines and benefits. Most people who do cardio use it as a means of burning excess calories because one is moving the body. Therefore, it increases the need for energy.

Improved heart health. The condition of the heart is improved since it is just a muscle like any other. As a result, it must be worked, and if one fails, it eventually gets weaker over time. It may result in negative health effects. Therefore, through getting the heart to pump faster on a daily basis will keep it healthy and in shape.

Increased metabolism. One reason to do cardio is its effect on metabolism. Together with speeding one’s heart, cardio exercises increase various processes in the body also referred to as metabolism. The more intense one’s cardio session is, the more evident increase one will witness with regards to ones metabolic rate. Moreover, intense interval sprints (also referred to as HIIT) raise metabolism which is the highest process known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

Improved hormonal profile. Doing cardio exercise also alters hormonal profile in one’s body. Hence, it releases feel good hormones which will assist to ease fatigue and symptoms of depression as well as discharge hormones which decrease the appetite.

Improved recovery ability. Different types of cardio exercises mostly lower more moderately paced forms will decrease one’s recovery time. If ones have done a hard sessions training in the gym, a light jog on the treadmill can assist to remove some by-products which were formed during a lifting session…

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