Carefully review all the strategies that we use to reduces stress ( time management, meditation, exercise, yoga, tai chi) write a report on which strategies you will use to try to reduce stress.

Stress management is an important aspect that ensures that the condition does not escalate to adverse levels. Stress management techniques help one learn healthy ways of addressing stress, minimize or eliminate the harmful impacts, and assist in dealing with future challenges. The use of the strategies empowers an individual to have control over their thoughts, lifestyle, problems, and emotions (Mikolaj 102). The daily challenges of life make it essential for everyone to have techniques that they can use to manage stress. The effectiveness of a strategy of reducing stress varies from one person to another, hence the need to develop the methods that can work for me.

One of the methods that I will implement to reduce stress is meditation. Meditation helps in making the mind tranquil and having a deep relaxation state, thus the improved emotional and physical well-being. The benefits that the method presents makes this an attractive technique for stress management. With this, I can get instant results of relaxation that continue throughout the day. Additionally, I can tailor my meditation process to suit my lifestyle, needs, and situation. For instance, I do not have to follow some particular set methods to achieve the desired results. Also, meditation assures the reduction of stress through a means that does not have any expenses, and I can monitor my progress each day (Smith 78). However, the technique necessitates frequent practice to ensure its effectiveness.            

Secondly, I will utilize time management as a way to prevent and minimize stress. The effective control of stress is significantly dependent on the proper utilization of time. By avoiding over-commitment and prioritizing the various daily tasks, I will ensure that I can do all my activities that are critical. As a result, I will avoid any elements that might trigger stress. Also, I will identify the areas where there is time-wastage and correct the same that will lead to having adequate time to undertake all my duties. Another attractive feature of time management is the ability to have systems that can help realize the effective use of the technique. I can use tools such as calendars to note all the important tasks that are crucial and thus can do them within the specified time and, in turn, eliminating any opportunities to get stressed….

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