Case Analysis Paper of the Legal Situation Faced by the Fast-Food Industry

Prepare a case analysis paper involving a legal situation or problem faced by the student or that is currently faced by the company or industry with which the student is familiar. The legal situation you write about should not be one that has already been resolved or decided by a court

The paper should begin with a one or two paragraph description of the factual situation involved, then continue with a clear statement of the issue or issues the situation presents. Each paper should then provide a brief conclusion on how the situation should be handled. The most important part of the paper (at least half of the text) will relate to the analysis/reasoning of the conclusion. Sections required: Facts, Issue(s), Conclusion, Analysis/Reasoning.


Recent allegations made by some members of the public have put the McDonald’s Corporation on the spot seeking compensation for health problems caused by obesity from eating the company’s products. Individuals have taken advantage of the situation to derive a lawsuit in line with the tort liability system. The allegations against the fast-food companies in various parts of the world have drawn several conclusions on who holds accountability for the costs and public health concerns. The situation had been unfolding since 2002 when a group of overweight kids filled a similar case in New York demanding compensation from McDonald’s. Apart from the payment, the group also claimed an enhancement of the company’s nutritional labeling and an education program to inform the public about the consequences of eating fast foods. The issues raised a mass response that the media and the community presented a negative image of the company. Critics suggested that such lawsuits are unnecessary, and such matters only benefit lawyers. The issue has led the court and other parties to spend considerable time trying to establish the part that is answerable for the financial and well-being consequences resulting from obesity. Understanding the situation faced by the fast-food industry due to its effects in the health sector, it requires the review of the issues that evolve from it, and provide a reasoning to handle the situation.


An ethical issue is evoked by the question of who is responsible for obesity and accompanying health issues. On one side, the company is accountable due to the products used that cause a form of addiction and the other is a personal obligation to monitor the food one consumes. Among the issues that arise from the situation is negligence, evidence that the consumption of the company’s products had certain health implications. Despite this, the consumer indulged in consuming the products…..

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