Case Study Analysis: NGL Energy Partners, LP

Portfolio Project Assignment Choice #1: Research an Organization

Choose a publicly held corporation from an industry with which you are familiar. Conduct research on the organization using the internet, the CSU-Global Library, and other credible sources. Your analysis of that organization needs to include the following:

  1. Analyze how people, information, and information technology help the company remain competitive in their industry.
  2. Analyze Porter’s Five Forces Model in relation to competition within the industry of that corporation.
  3. Evaluate how supply chain management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and customer relationship management systems are currently used, or could be used, within the organization.
  4. Evaluate how a database management system and a data warehouse are currently used, or could be used, within the organization.
  5. Analyze how the five agent‐based technologies are currently used, or could be used, within the organization.
  6. Evaluate which of the nine major e‐commerce business models are currently used, or could be used, within the organization, and synthesize how these could work together to create value within the organization.
  7. Analyze how the organization could benefit from using the systems development life cycle (SDLC), and what type of projects within the organization could benefit from this process.
  8. Evaluate the phases of business continuity planning as they relate to the organization.
  9. Analyze how the organization could use emerging trends such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cell phones, and RFID to remain competitive in the future.
  10. Evaluate measures that the organization takes, or could take, to ensure information is protected and free from security vulnerabilities.

Your paper should be 7 to 10 pages in length and encompass your knowledge from all modules of the course. Support your argument with at least five credible, outside sources. Remember to use proper citations and references, and adhere to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. The Library is a good place to find this information. You may wish to refer to the Portfolio Project Rubric to see the evaluation criteria for this project.


I have had a rare opportunity of working with NGL Energy Partners. Currently, I serve as a Supervisor in the Accounts Payable Department. My team includes three officers, tasked to all payables that arise from the sales and purchase of crude oil and related logistics. In this position, I have developed a deep interest in the oil and gas industry. NGL Energy Partners provide me an enlightening chance to learn more about operations and critical segments like Information Systems design and management for entities operating in the oil and gas sector.

About the Entity

NGL Energy is a publicly traded Limited Partnership enlisted in the New York Security Exchange. The entity diversifies into multiple business segments. The five service segments include; water solutions, crude logistics, liquids, retail propane and refined products. NGL service both end user and producers through marketing, transportation, and logistics of crude oil (NGL Energy Partners, 2016, p. 4). Geographically, NGL has a significant presence in the United States. The organization provides coast to coast, rail and terminal services (NGL Energy Partners, 2016, p. 10). NGL provides retail services to over a million propane users throughout the United States. Its vertical integration in service provision brands NGL as a full-service provider. Business strategies and critical policies in the organization are arrived at by the Board of Directors. This study looks into operations and management in the organization’s interaction with the industry that it operates in.

The role of Information, Information Technology, and Human Resource in Competitive Ability of NGL Energy Partners.

Human Resource

Labor is a critical factor of production, which determines the financial and non-monetary success of any organization. Human resources range from management to operations within the entity. At the top of the structural hierarchy is the Board of Directors. The BOD acts as the general partner, making major business decisions, strategizing and overseeing implementations and operations in the partnership. The oil and gas industry is quite a competitive sector, as well as vulnerable to some forces like politics. Hence, the ability of management to provide effective leadership and support to the rest of the workforces build up the competitive advantage of the organization. There are several service points through which NGL offers retail and wholesale product sales to its customers. Operations team ensures efficient supply chain.

Information Having the right information at the right time is a perfect recipe for attaining proper decision, as well as arriving at working strategies. The oil and gas industry has a broad scope. For an entity to survive through the competition, correct information is critical…

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