Case Study: The Rosemont

  1. Briefly, explain how dire you think the situation is at Rosemont?

I think the situation at Rosemont is unattractive and requires a complete overturn for the organization to reposition itself in the healthcare market. Firstly, the firm’s management headed by Lloyd Lewis is mediocre and lacks any strategic plans that can help in driving the company to a successful future. Secondly, the board members of the company are selected based on their relationships with the manager rather than their professionalism, which makes it difficult for them to work independently. Moreover, the organization is facing bankruptcy due to increased borrowing and the low patient turnout, which leads to the generation of petite revenue. Consequently, Rosemont cannot pay its loans. Moreover, the company lacks efficient marketing strategies and has difficulties in attaining competitive advantage in the health sector.

  • What would you say is The Rosemont’s real expertise? What are its distinct competencies?

The real expertise of the organization is mental health and substance abuse.  One of the skills of the institution is its ability to attract a mix of patients that benefit from the range of services that are provided by the facility. The organization draws both the managed care and business contracted patients.

Moreover, the organization has a culture of the provision of quality services to the patients. From the case study, an interview with the employees reveals that the key competence of the facility is quality. However, the provision of quality services in the institution is compromised by the inadequacy of the physical facilities…

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