“Casey Anthony was found not guilty & despite all evidence found, jury could not prove she committed the crime at hand.Casey Anthony’s Trial


For a person to be proven guilty, the edge for demonstrating that somebody perpetrated a wrongdoing should be genuinely high. As the adage goes, everybody under criminal law is innocent until demonstrated blameworthy. In any court case, the verdict is genuine if it can prove that a person is liable and the arraignment demonstrate that the person is really responsible for a wrongdoing. The evidence provided should persuade the court that the blamed carried out the wrongdoing past a sensible uncertainty. The case study about Casey demonstrate the aspect of juries proving beyond doubt before a sentence is issued. The CSI about Casey Anthony seems to revert the above laws as the case was described as unfairly concluded according to some reactions (Caleb). The essay will explore the case for the Case Anthony trial, to ascertain the credibility of the popular phrase about her case that, she was found guilty despite the presence of concrete evidence.

About the Case

Casey Anthony is a daughter of Cindy and George Anthony. She is a mother of Caylee Marie Anthony, who in the year 2008 died under unknown circumstances.  The background of the information can be traced from family information starting from when a call made by Cindy, to report the 31 days missing of their granddaughter Caylee.  The other family information that could have supported the evidence is the fact that Cindy indicated Casey’s car containing scent reminiscent of a dead body. Cindy said Casey had given changed clarifications as to Caylee’s whereabouts before at last advising her that she had not seen Caylee for quite a long time. Casey told criminologists a few lies, including that a babysitter had grabbed the tyke and that she had been attempting to discover her, excessively panicked, making it impossible to alarm the relevant authorities powers (Marcia Clark). Casey was accused of first-degree murder in 2008 and argued not liable. Caylee’s skeletal remnants were discovered rubbed in a cover inside a junk pack in a lush region close to the family home. Investigative reports and trial confirmation exchanged between channel tape being found close to the front of the skull and on the mouth of the skull. The therapeutic inspector said conduit tape as one reason she governed the death of the child. However, the case was recorded authoritatively as death by uncertain means. The only charge that saw guilty was the only one that Casey was sentenced for giving false information and deceiving law enforcement (Caleb)…..

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