Cemex Globalization Path Adding Value Scorecard

Sources: Minicase: Cemex’s Globalization Path
ADDING Value Scorecard

The CEMEX minicase describes the path to globalization that the company took. The ADDING value scorecard identifies the levers that a company can use for its global strategy.

Answer the following questions in your case report

1. Which elements from the ADDING value scorecard did CEMEX use towards its global strategy.
2. For each identified element, describe how it was implemented by CEMEX (2-3 sentences each).

Cemex an international leader in the construction materials; its revolution remains to be much more than refining the company’s cost structure. Their goal primarily remains to stand toward the re-engineer business DNA.

            Cemex was a concrete illustration of the adding value scorecard; it had thrived through the following element: reducing cost, adding volume, enhancing business attraction, and controlling threat. The cooperation achieved all these and had been upholding high productivity levels continually,

            The enterprise has improved business attraction by shortening its operation and accelerating its policy making. Furthermore, they have expanded their productivity and located their process closer to the client. As the company creates creativities, it establishes a procedure for network development, a radical, cooperative structure intended to advance operational procedures internationally (Cemex, “Operating Initiatives” 2).             In adding volume; the corporation stays closer to its client to increase both the excellence and opportunity of its business offerings. In the U.S., they work to create investments of over 30% of the price of steel for the building of radiation-proof ramparts for the X-ray apartment at a California Bay Zone health facility (Cemex, “Commercial Strategy” 2). They progress to work with some of the top engineers in the world to approach creative new spaces…

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