Change Implementation Plan

You are a manager of a sales division within an organization. You have been asked to implement a new method of tracking sales, which will involve a major change of process for your sales associates. Your boss has asked you to prepare a plan to implement this change. In a planning document of 5 pages, develop your plan. Your plan should include a description of the type of change, an analysis of the change process necessary to implement the plan, and a recommendation for dealing with resistance to the change. You must support your work with a minimum of four academic sources two from the 5 articles attached (Change Articles) and two from outside sources.

An organization’s existence is characterized by change (Van de Ven & Sun, 2011).  Managers have the responsibility to enable a company to adapt to constant changes in the current business context (Quiros, 2014). Quiros (2014) states that it is of key importance that managers understand how to recognize and address the human concerns during a transition. Change is implemented to initiate improvements in a company (Umble & Umble, 2014). Research shows that it is challenging to make changes in many organizations, despite the application of various theories and change management programs. The failure of a change initiative result in skepticism, less motivation, and disengagement from future efforts of making adjustments (Umble & Umble, 2014). This knowledge leads to the development of a change implementation plan that will be used to implement an advanced method of tracking sales in the business.

The type of change

Effective change management encompasses setting change programs, and achieving their stated objectives within the set duration, and ensuring the budget is at reasonable levels (Merrell & Watson, 2012). Fundamentally, effective change management delivers sustainable benefits to the organization (Merrell & Watson, 2012). The goal of the proposed transformation in the organization is to implement a new sales tracking method. The new advancement is expected to improve various sectors such as record keeping, restocking, and consumers’ information.

Installing new technologies to monitor sales does not reflect immediate success for the company. The performance of the organization depends on how the new methods are applied at work. The success of the program requires, among other things a platform by the human resource that will handle the major changes of the process experienced by the sales team in transit from the old to the new method.

An Analysis of the Change Process Necessary to Implement the Plan

The six big factors to consider in implementing the plan            

Merrell and Watson (2012) review that enterprises that strategize and execute change in an effective manner outperform competitors. The study also states that the proper implementation of change requires an equilibrium in data-driven approaches and the knowledge of emotional drivers (Merrell & Watson, 2012)…..

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