Chief Human Resource Officer Based on your experience and perceived needs of your workplace, prioritize the seven (7) roles of the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO). How did you determine your order, and what is important about your priority roles? Describe the situations or contexts that may influence your decision to reorganize your priority.

Role of the Chief Human Resource Officer

The Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) has several functions in a firm. The importance of each role depends on the category of the firm. In a school setting, the roles are prioritized based on the benefits that accrue to the school in relation to the learning processes and the performance of the students. The performance depends on the coordination of the different parties who affects the learning process (Elkeles & Phillips, 2007). The parties include the students, teachers, and the parents. The human resource department puts more focus in the formulation of strategies and policies that improve the learning process and the coordination of the parties in the school environment. Based on the above-mentioned criteria, the first role of the chief human resource officer is the formulation and implementation of the school strategies. Secondly, the human resource officer is involved in the preparation of the school programs and the teaching methods used by the teachers. The third function is resolution of the conflicts that crop up to promote harmonious living among all the parties involved. Preparation of board meetings and other interaction methods is the fourth function of CHRO (Eeden, 2014)…..

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