CO210 Can someone help with a persuasive presentation- oppositional audience

I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

  1. Working from home
  2. Fair Tax
  3. Adopting a European work schedule
  4. Free Health Care
  5. Free Day Care in the office
  6. Telecommuting
  7. Tuition Reimbursement
  8. Child Labor
  9. Business Ethics
  10. Team Building within the workplace
  11. The importance of coaching and mentoring
  12. Diversity within the workplace
  13. Fun & Humor within the workplace
  14. Work/Life Balance
  15. Interviewing Skills
  16. Resume Writing Skills
  17. Communication Skills
  18. Technology
  19. Corporate Training
  20. Taking your pet to work
  21. Part time verses full time employment
  22. Corporate Wellness Program
  23. Casual/Dress down days
  24. 4 Day work week (4 10 hour days)
  25. Globalization

The persuasive speech, is your opportunity to take a stance on a topic of interest and support your viewpoint. This presentation represents the culmination of smaller assignments. Consider:

The topic itself. What is the issue, who are the stakeholders, and why is this important to you? And… why should it be important to us?

Your topical outline. What do you plan to tell us? What evidence do you plan to share, to convince us that your side is right in this debate?

What did you learn from the devil’s advocate? How can you use their propaganda against them – so that your argument is even stronger?

What tips will you use to make a ‘great’ persuasive speech? How can you use visual aids?

And finally, what will you ask the audience to do once you’ve persuaded them that your viewpoint is the most logical/sensible? Will your concluding thoughts resonate with them?

A few parameters:

This speech should be 8-10 minutes in length.

Submit the outline for this speech with your four sources (use the template below).

Establish credibility

Use visuals where you can!

Show enthusiasm! Use your voice to engage the audience and leave a positive impression.

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