College Athletes Should Be Remunerated

Statement to be debated: College athletes should be paid.

My stance: College athletes should not be paid.

Opening statement: Every year, there are complains all over the United States that the college athletes should be paid for their work in the field. The proponents of this debate argue that the college athletes generate money for their institutions. However, I think the college athletes should not be paid for various reasons.

My Teams Argument

One of the reasons why college athletes should not be paid is that money can detract them from their passion, making them less motivated. Most of the college athletics fans enjoy these games because they believe that the players have more passion and love the sports more than the professional athletes. Paying the college athletes, therefore, equates them to the professional athletes, who have made it to the highest level and tend to compare their contribution to the game with how much a team is willing to pay them. Additionally, compensating the college athletes may result in a big dilemma which may cause chaos in these institutions. If the football team, for instance, is remunerated, the other games will also need to be compensated. 

Rebuttal: Arguing that money reduces the morale of the players is misplaced. On the contrary, compensating the college athletes for their work is likely to result in better performance because having finances improves many sectors of their lives as well…

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