Company’s 401(k) plan

Imagine you are a Human Resources Manager and you have new employees starting next week.  For Orientation you need to discuss your company’s 401(k) plan.  Prepare a brief (around 3-5 minutes) PowerPoint presentation discussing your plan.  You can use information from your company’s actual plan, research another company, or create your own plan.  Be sure to cite all sources used.  Include information on eligibility, employer contribution, vesting, limits, and distributions.  What are the advantages of contributing to a 401(k)? Remember that you are likely to have some employees that have no idea what a 401(k) is, so be sure to explain the terms.

Don’t forget your References.  Usually the best way to cite your sources in a presentation is to include one more slide at the end with your references.  Remember to cite any clipart or images you use too.  Make sure any sound or video files are embedded, not linked.  If you have them linked to a file on your computer, I will not be able to view your video.  Sound recordings done like the lecture from week one are automatically embedded.

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