Comparing the emergence of Islam to that of other religion Must be a Reflections Essay

The emergence of Islam is accredited to Prophet Muhammad, but the religion began way back before he was born. The origin of Islam is based on the social, political, and economic developments in regions that are influenced by the Islam religion (Madelung 31). Some sources indicate that the Islam religion emerged from Medina and Mecca, at the beginning of the seventh century. Later on, the Islamic faith extended to the west of Iberia and the east of the Indus River. Before the emergence of Islamic faith in Arabia, animistic polytheism was religion, and the land was filled with fiery spirits that were called jinn. During this period, numerous gods were worshiped, and Mecca was their religious center with over 360 shrines.

The Qur’an; the holy book in Islam religion, was dictated by Prophet Muhammad, when Angel Gabriel handed it to the prophet (BBC). It is believed that Prophet Muhammad was receiving divine revelations from Allah, that were delivered to him through the Angel. The Quran enabled the prophet to proclaim a strong monolithic faith and also warn people about the impending judgment due to their wrong doings. In his endeavors of spreading the word of Allah, he met some opposition groups, but he also managed to gain followers. This event of gaining followers of the Islamic religion by Prophet Muhammad was later called Hijra, and it marked the start of the Islamic Era (Welch 18).

After the death of Prophet Muhammad, his followers were faced with a hard time of deciding who would be their successor. This leadership position was known as a Khalifa, and Mu’awaiya took over this position for twenty years (Madelung 33). During his time, he was able to enhance the popularity of the Islamic religion, and it spread to Central Asia, North America and Spain. Later on, other leaders took over this position and led the Muslim religion to other parts of the world. The successors improved the administration of the Islam religion and guided people towards following the holy writings contained in the Quran.

The emergence of Islam compares differently to that of other faiths. Prophet Muhammad is believed to be the founder of the Islam religion. Through his ability to communicate with God through Angel Gabriel, he was able to pass God’s message to the people. Other religions have different views about their founders (Welch 19). Christianity, for example, believes in Jesus Christ as the founder of the Christian religion, and Judaism believes in Abraham as the founder of this religion. Despite the differences, these religions believe in one God as the head of their religion, despite the presence of different patrons…..

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