Competencies for HR Professionals

Human resource constitutes one of core assets that have a significant influence on an organization’s performance. The underlying importance of managing a firm’s HR resources has resulted in the establishment of human resource management discipline to manage such a crucial aspect of a firm’s operational performance. One important aspect of HR management practice involves developing an understanding of the competencies necessary for a company’s HR department to thrive. Various models have emerged as a result of the need to understand the competency requirements for an organization’s HR department.

            The human resource competency model represents one of the most effective strategies adopted by firms in a bid to understand the competency requirements for its human resources. The model breaks down the indicators that influence the performance of an organization’s human resource into three categories: organization enablers, delivery enablers, and core competencies (RBL Group 5-6). According to the model, HR competencies constitute the single most important factor that affects the performance value of any company’s human resource assets. The future accomplishments of the organization depend on the ability of its work force to manifest some of the competencies as discussed in the HRCS report. These skills include strategic positioners in which an organization’s personnel come out as an essential component in the actualization of its strategic direction. Further, credible activism is as another critical competency in which a company’s workforce provides the requisite leadership by establishing the path for others to follow. Similarly, paradox navigator competency involves the ability of an organization’s staff to balance between attaining various strategies embraced by a firm such as long term and short term objectives. This competency plays a crucial role in determining the value of workers output as the ability to balance out the various challenges that arise from embracing different strategic perspectives determines the performance and longevity of any business…

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