Comprehensive Case Study: Interview and Reflection Paper

Comprehensive Case Study: Interview and Reflection Paper

For this assignment, you must interview an individual who is aged 65 or older. This person may be a family member or someone you are otherwise acquainted with. Your interview may either occur in-person or be conducted in a series of telephone interviews. You will then write a paper about the interview and how it relates to the course. Do not provide identifying information about your interview subject in your paper – the subject’s identity should remain confidential.

Papers must have the following structure: 1” margins, 12 pt. font, 5-6 pages double-spaced (not including references). I will grade your papers on writing skill (including organization and grammar) as well as content. You must use APA format (7th edition) when citing and noting references. You should name your project document as follows: “LastnameFirstname_PSY375_paper.doc”. If you have specific questions, please ask!

The primary focus of your reflection paper should be the connection of your observations to course themes, issues, and terminology. Your paper should clearly and knowledgably reflect at least 3 major topics from the course, making it a truly “comprehensive” project. I suggest that you conduct your interview using questions from at least 5 topics so that you can select 3 major areas that merit inclusion for your paper. A strong paper might be explicitly organized into sections, with about 1-2 pages relating each course topic to the interview subject’s personal experience.

Be sure to integrate your paper into a coherent psychological history of the interview subject’s aging experience, rather than simply presenting a disjointed list of topics and experiences. Remember that your analysis should always be explicitly related to the course topics, rather than just being a narrative of the person’s life. To do so, you should focus your reflection paper into a logical flow by utilizing meaningful transitions as well as introductory and concluding sentences.

These focus sections should discuss the form, character, and rewards of your interview process, as well as a concise general statement and explanation of your findings. The assigned length of this paper requires that you present the information in a concise manner, which will also involve careful preparation, organization, and editing.

I strongly recommend that you approach your case study paper early. You will want to carefully prepare questions in advance to ensure that all relevant topics are covered. For most subjects, the interview process will involve multiple hours of discussion, so you might want to hold more than one interview session. Be sure to allow sufficient time following your interview for the organization, writing, and editing of your written project.

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