Computer Systems: Smartphones and Tablets

There are many different aspects and types of a computer system including:

1.Big Data

2.The Internet of Things


4.Quantum computers

5.Ganming hardware and virtual reality

6.Chromebooks /Hybrids

7.Google Glass/ wearable computing


9.Arificial intelligence

Select any one of the above topic and write report of about 1500 words. Things to include in

the report.

1.An introduction of the selected topic(200 words£©

2.A general discussion of the major components(or 5W1H) of topic (500words)

3.An in-depth discusstion of a particular component or application of the selected topic(500words).

4.Future trends relating to the topic(200 words)

5.Conclusion(100 words)

6.List of APA citations/references(at least 5).pls Do NOT USE Wikipedia as a source of information.

7. Diagrams

Mobile computing entails the human interaction with a computer involving the integration of software, hardware, and mobile communication. The hardware includes computing components that enable mobility, while the software entails applications that are used for various functions. Nosrati alludes that mobile computing systems facilitate the use of a computing device that supports changing location properties (399). In this context, portability is the most important aspect of these computing devices. Also, these systems include the ability to use computing capabilities without pre-determined location and connections to a network for facilitating data and information transmission. Smartphones and tablets are the latest devices to transform the consumer computing experience and a significant mark in the advancement of technology. Smartphones and tablets work on the same principles, but are different in their configuration and design (Singh, Singh, and Kumar 131). The modern day digital media has been rapidly driven by the proliferation of smartphone and tablet technologies. A smartphone is a mobile phone that has more advanced computing capabilities than other cell phones, and a tablet is a combination of the mobile and small computer technologies that present additional features in hardware and software. The devices use applications that perform a specific task, a phenomenon that has facilitated them to perform different functions with more efficiency. The intent of this paper is to discuss the computing system that facilitates the use of smartphones and tablets.

Major Components The popularity of smartphones and tablets shows the fast-technological evolution of the mobile computing systems. The devices have developed from communication devices to systems that carry out multiple functionalities, which has made them general purpose computers (Han and Cho 1). Smartphones and tablets function due to the capabilities of advanced computing capabilities and network connectivity. The integration of different components that include mobile telephony, personal computing, and internet capabilities make smartphones and tablets multi-sided technological and commercial platforms. Subsequently, the creation of these devices involves many stakeholders such as chipset makers, software developers…

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