Create A Story With The Following Vocab Words 8

Around 200 words will be fine, the vocabs do not have to be in order

  1. All machines have a way to make them do what they do: their user interface (UI).
  2. In speaking of user interfaces, we usually also include the display (banner, navigation, header/footer), decorations (fonts, colors, images, logos), and content (pictures, text, videos, sound).
  3. The controls in a UI give you the ability to perform the actions the system allows.
  4. It’s not always simple. Where’s the dividing line between content and control in a text-based hyperlink? One item can be both; the division breaks down pretty quickly.
  5. menu allows the designer to have a lot of commands packed into a small space. However, it also means that things are hidden until the user finds the way to reveal them.
  6. text box allows the user to type free text (whatever you want). Not all text will make sense or work, but you can input it.
  7. There are all sorts of controls that we can classify as buttons. When you push them, things happen
  8. There are tabs that allow the designer to have a lot of different areas available from a single screen. It is another way of packing a lot of information onto the same screen.
  9. On Web pages, links are usually text strings or images that will allow you to click and make something happen. Facebook likes to use them to present abilities to you.
  10. Some links allow mouseover behavior. When you hover the mouse above the link, the UI gives you more information about what will happen if you click the link.
  11. Some issues with UI: each browser works a bit differently, so any given page might not work as well in some browsers as in others. Often it’s difficult to figure out how to make things work cross- platform on different browsers as well as hardware (for example, mobile phones).
  12. What works for people in the UI they use is called usability.
  13. Greg Badros saysDogfooding tends to result in suggestions from employees and engineers focusing on power users—it requires a constant push back toward simplicity. It’s much more common to design for yourself, but you have to keep in mind what an average user can do and will want to do.

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